EDGE Technologies invests in Sony to drive the future of smart office buildings at its new HQ

Basingstoke, UK, 18th December 2018 – EDGE Technologies, pioneer in sustainable intelligent buildings, is one of the first customers in Europe to install Sony’s state-of-the-art Crystal LED technology at its landmark office at the EDGE Olympic in Amsterdam. As part of the development of its brand-new HQ, EDGE Technologies has invested in the ultimate big-screen display solution from Sony to deliver ultra-real visual experiences and create the next-generation office environment.

Taking centre stage in its Tech Board Room, a giant 3.2m x 1.8m Crystal LED display with incredible 2560 x 1440 resolution creates a spectacular canvas for showcasing the firm’s creative work and immersing customers and prospects with breath-taking large scale visual presentations. Made up of 32 ZRD-1 Display Units seamlessly tiled together using Sony’s ground-breaking borderless design, the super-size display has absolutely no bezels or visible gaps. It creates a revolutionary visual experience beyond any conventional LED array and delivers overwhelming visuals on any scale, from any viewing angle.

Commenting on the investment, Erik Ubels, CTO at EDGE Technologies said: “Our vision is to push boundaries, reimagine and realise the office of the future. When we developed EDGE Olympic, our goal was to excel in health, sustainability and to design an enriching tech-forward environment for employees and visitors.  Having worked with Sony in the past, we knew immediately that they were the right technology partner to help us bring our vision to life and that Crystal LED needed to be part of our flagship EDGE Olympic. Crystal LED represents a whole new world for large scale displays – and with it – we can set a new standard for immersive visual experiences at our HQ.”

Sony’s Crystal LED display is a stand-out feature of the Tech Board Room and is used at EDGE Olympic daily. The Dutch developer uses the screen to showcase highest quality artist impressions and crisp 4K videos of their developments, but that is not all. To deliver exceptional visuals and ‘wow factor’ to employees and visitors, EDGE Technologies also developed a state-of-the-art VR experience of its projects, which combined with Sony’s Crystal LED goes beyond definition to create something truly captivating.

The new EDGE Olympic building has smart technology at its core and is based on a digital infrastructure that connects everything and everyone within its walls. A smartphone app lets users personalise their workplace, with the possibility to customise the lighting, temperature, humidity and CO2 levels. This same technology also lets users find their colleagues quickly, monitor occupancy rates, access the car park and reserve meeting rooms.

The sophisticated digital infrastructure is flexible, making it future-proof, and based upon the most innovative solutions on the market. In addition to Sony’s Crystal LED technology, EDGE Olympic also features BRAVIA Professional 4K LED Displays, offering four times the resolution of Full HD, to deliver lifelike videoconferences and attention-grabbing digital signage in meeting rooms and public areas.

We’re proud that our ultimate display solution is bringing the world’s biggest ideas to life,” commented Damien Weissenburger, Head of Corporate & Education Solutions at Sony Professional Solutions Europe. “Having seen impressive early successes for the technology in the automotive and manufacturing industries, Crystal LED is fast being catapulted into the corporate arena as forward-thinking organisations like EDGE Technologies put smart technology at the heart of their premises.”

With Crystal LED we are able to create a canvas for our customers to design the future on. The image quality has to be seen to be believed with immersive, hyper-real visuals as large as our customers’ imaginations can handle.”

For further information on Sony’s Crystal LED solution visit https://pro.sony/en_EU/technology/crystal-led


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